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Create homepage with WordPress – step by step instructions

The followings are the step by step instructions on how to use WordPress to create your website.


WordPress is the most popular software for creating websites. Once you get started, you’ll find that WordPress can do everything you need for your professional website.


In this article, there are three steps to get started with WordPress.


Step 1 – Select web hosting

Choose a web host where you can host your website


First of all, you need to find a suitable web space provider where you can install WordPress and publish the contents of your website.


The cheapest package is given by One.com. If you are a rookie and seeking a very cheap offer, then it is advisable for you to choose One.com.



Advantages: With One.com, you only have to pay a deployment fee of 14.28 € in the first year. Then your website with your domain costs you 2,38 € per month. The interface of One.com is very clear and easy to use, and the CMS WordPress can be installed with just one click. For starters, One.com offers everything you need – at an unbeatable price.



Step 2 – Install WordPress

Order web hosting and install WordPress


The following guide explains how to sign up for One.com and install WordPress.


  • Login to One.com
  • Visit One’s website
  • Click on Select at the starter package
  • Select domain
  • Enter information about yourself
  • Accept TOS and complete order

You will now receive an SMS with the activation code and an e-mail with your login details for the One Account where you can install WordPress.


  • Install WordPress

On the home page of your one-click account, click on the 1-click WordPress icon and follow the installation process.


The installation is automatic, and your website will be ready in a few minutes.


Step 3 – WordPress user manual

Learn how to use WordPress to create pages and post content


You have already created the foundation of your homepage. Now you just have to learn to operate the WordPress interface.


  • Log in to the WordPress interface

You just have to add / WP-admin to your domain. So you come to the interface, with which you log in to the WordPress Dashboard.


  • Select the appropriate WordPress Theme

The following information will explain on how to use WordPress Theme for a website.


A big advantage of WordPress is the ability to use themes. WordPress themes are design templates for your website that you can easily integrate and customize with just one click. Premium themes also contain features that make it much easier for you to build your website.


The search for the right theme needs some time. But you also get a design for your homepage, which corresponds to your personal style and your requirements. The effort is worthwhile in any case. Choose one that is easy to customize.




Here is an explanation of how to install free themes from the WordPress Dashboard.



  • WordPress Theme Installation


If you click on Appearance -> Themes in the left column of the WordPress Dashboard, the preinstalled themes will be displayed. By clicking on the Install button, you will be redirected to the page where you can search for new free themes.


  • Search for free WordPress themes

In the following bar, you can either use keywords to search for themes, or you can click to filter by feature, and you can narrow the ad to themes that have specific features that you need for your website.


  • Click on the Install button to install your new WordPress theme.


If you then click on Activate, your homepage will appear in the new layout without changing your texts and settings.


  • Create pages and insert texts

By clicking on pages in the left bar, you will be shown all the pages that are currently available on your website. Click Create to add new ones. Add a title to your page, such as “About me“. Put the text of the page in the large panel.


Make sure the Visual tab is on. Then you can format your texts as in Word. In the Text tab, you can change the HTML code of your page.


You can easily add images to the page by clicking on the Add files button.


  • Change navigation menu

Under Appearance -> Menus, you can change your navigation menu. Enter a name for the menu and click Create Menu. Then you can add pages to the menu and select at which position of the theme the navigation menu should appear.


What are posts?

On your blog page, the individual contributions are displayed one after the other and marked with a date. This feature is useful for the “News” page, for example.


  1. Important settings and other functions

Set home page


By default, your blog posts are displayed on the main page of your homepage. You can also set a page that you have created as the start page. Click on Settings -> Reading. Then select a static page and below that the front page.


  • Change Site Titles and Tagline

Under Settings -> General, you can change the Site Title and tagline of your website.


  • Customize sidebar

Some themes have a sidebar left or right. Under Appearance -> Widgets, you can choose what information should appear in the sidebar.


  • Install plugins and extend WordPress

WordPress plugins are additional components for WordPress. For example, you can use them to add a contact form to your website. If you click on Plugins -> Install -> Activate, you can choose from over 40,000 free plugins.

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