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TAKE ACTION! Yes, Asbestos is a hazardous product, it can cause terrible harm to your health and to your wallet. But help is only a phone call away. Inaction will cause you to have anxiety regarding your health, or perhaps your tenant’s health? And not knowing the cost of removal will just leave you in the dark on what you can do about your asbestos. Don’t be scared, pick up that phone. It is always a plus to educate yourself further on what asbestos is.


Who you gonna call?

For asbestos testing Toowoomba area, it is simple enough to look up the yellow pages. You will find many people will offer testing solutions. What you are looking for is a contractor that can perform testing and also asbestos removal Toowoomba area. Finding the right contractor is key to having a successful encounter with your asbestos. Some people have used their current builder to remove their asbestos, they then find out later to their own detriment, that the builder was not licensed in removal and did not take all of the necessary precautions, such as using asbestos specialized vacuums etc. to contain all fibre release. Using a builder may just cause your whole property to become contaminated.


What do I look for in a good contractor?


  1. It’s the law. In Australia you must be a registered and licensed business to perform any type of asbestos removal, over 10m2.
  2. For testing asbestos, you want a contractor that takes the asbestos sample to a NATA accredited laboratory, any other way of testing is just not valid. Are you really prepared to take a guess on your health?
  3. The contractor you use should be able to offer you alternative solutions, either removal or encapsulation. Here the key; they should be able to tell you WHY they recommend one or the other. Remember: encapsulation is considerable cheaper than removal. It is not always offered by contractors as sometimes encapsulation is just not a viable option due to the location of the asbestos or the condition.
  4. Replacement product. Taking out asbestos is great! Then what do you replace it with, an asbestos contractor should be able to advise you on what you should replace it with and indeed, most will have industry contacts that they work with, and should be able to offer you the phone number of someone that can perform a replacement at best rate prices.


Don’t be afraid to contact your insurance provider, insurance companies are well versed in asbestos claims and how asbestos should be treated. Most insurance companies allow for claims, particularly if there is a weather event or such that has caused your asbestos to become broken or unsafe, it is in the insurance companies best interest to have this rectified immediately, so are to avoid having an asbestos heath insurance claim at a later stage.


Looking good!

It really I this simple. I know of many people that have loved with asbestos in their homes for decades before actually having any concerns. And sometimes that is how long it takes for the product to start to show any form of wear and tear. Now is the time to do something about your asbestos!



What about waste?


If your Asbestos Contractor recommends removal, they should be able to demonstrate to you that they understand the need to double wrap the product in a 200-micron thick plastic. Some city councils have a free pick up system for asbestos. Some councils do not. They will recommend that the waste will need to be moved by a licensed person in an EPA approved vehicle to an asbestos rated waste facility.



Further Reading:

Asbestos Guide – https://www.asbestossafety.gov.au/publications



Encapsulation Products – https://thermaguardhrc.com.au/  https://www.fibrelok.co.uk/ https://flexcrete.com/asbestos-encapsulation/

Waste Guidelines: https://www.epa.gov/asbestos, https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/environment-waste/rubbish-tips-bins/asbestos


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