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I wonder how many of us as children said “When I grow up I want to be a blogger”. I’m fairly sure the answer would be close to zero, if you are older than 25 years old.

Nowadays, blogging is actually a considered career. If you are like me and considerably older than 30, that sentence probably blew your mind.


Us old timers would have never thought money could be made from blogging. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure I believe it even now. What? Make money from writing short articles? Yes! the young people tell me, write it, put it on your blog, and just you wait for the money to start rolling in! I check my bank account daily, it hasn’t changed, I’m not sure where this money should come rolling in from? And…when it does, how did they get my bank account details?


I’ve read all the reviews, I’ve seen all of the adverts scrolling past me on Facebook, all citing “Make money from blogging!” “Join this affiliate program and make money from blogging!”. Sounds like a GREAT idea. I’m just not sure what an affiliate program is. Ok ok, to be honest, I’m not 100% sure what blogging is. Just when I think I have a grip on it, I explain what I know to some pre-pubescent know it all, and they say “actually, no. That’s not it”. What?? How to shatter my day in 1 easy step? (There’s a blog in that!).


Then I was convinced to join a nifty new site called “Pinterest”. I did fight Pinterest for quite a while, I just did not understand how taking pictures from the internet and saving them in one place could be of any great benefit. I mean, I can save things on my desktop. Why save it on a site with everyone else? “To share!” is the resounding choral response. But…” why?” Is mine.


Anyway, I buckled under the pressure and signed up, my goodness, it is like I discovered the answer to all known questions asked by mankind since the inception of historical data! Did you know you can find WordPress theme for this, that and the other? Did you know that you can find the top 10, best 3, fantastic 5, and the ultimate 100 guide to …well? Anything!


This is a miracle upon miracles. How does Wikipedia compete with Pinterest, it is a colorful, low reading, easy looking, answer to everything?


So I set about working out how to ‘save pins’. I’m very proud to say that I have quite a clever catalogue system of folders. I have pins for everything. Pinterest can be quite time consuming, for the main reason that once you start looking, you can’t stop.


There’s no time to actually read the pins, or any attachments, the brain only has time to register the top 10 wording and the theme of the article and your fingers automatically “save pin” to the correct folder. Safe and snug, tucked away for the elusive day that you will actually peruse all of the pins that you have saved. My blogger folder is FULL to the brim with the best top 10 reasons to everything from ‘find WordPress theme’ through to the “best 7 masculine themes for bloggers to make money”.


One problem though, I am still struggling with what the heck is a WordPress theme anyway. And I still want to know what is an affiliate. I saw a Pinterest “infographic”, (go on, look at me using words like infographic!) titled, the top 20 affiliate programs for bloggers. I saved it. Haven’t read it. But boy did I click on that fast.


I wonder if there is some sort of prize for a Pinterest profile carrying the most amount of saved pins? I should put THAT into the Pinterest search bar!

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